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The World's Best Merchant Service Provider

Offering the Best Rates and Superior Customer Service Makes us the World's Best Merchant Provider

This is not just a motto or slogan. It is our calling, why we founded Riverside Payments, and what every merchant experiences when they trust their Merchant Services to Riverside, because we truly offer the best rates, the most reliable service, and best overall processing experience available in the industry.

At Riverside Payments, it's our mission to develop that one-on-one relationship with every one of our clients, each receiving their own dedicated Relationship Manager. To Riverside, you are more than just a number on a screen. Our Relationship Managers are trained to be the go-to-person for your processing needs. We even go as far as offering yearly reviews to reward customer loyalty by lowering your rates. That’s right, and with rates going down every year instead of up, coupled with our phenomenal service is why Riverside has one of the best retention rates on the market!

One of the most important things our merchants desire when it comes to making a change is LOWER PRICES! That is why Riverside has dedicated ourselves to offering the best price on the market, and due to our unique structure and strategic partnerships — we promise to beat your current rates — GUARANTEED!

Other companies might offer you a $500, $600 or $700 Guarantee to beat your current rates, but after you read all the fine print, you discover you’ll never get. Riverside actually backs our word with The World’s Best Guarantee! It’s very simple — try us out Risk Free and if we are unable to demonstrate savings, or if you are dissatisfied with our service and we can’t fix the problem, we’ll switch to your provider of choice at NO CHARGE. Let’s face it. If you were really happy with your current provider, you wouldn’t be seeking other options. It literally pays to give Riverside a try when the financial perks and other benefits are so great.