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The World's Best Merchant Service Provider

Partnerships with Riverside Payments

We offer a wide range of partnership opportunities including referral partnerships and philanthropy opportunities. Riverside Payments thrives on working with only the most reputable brands and businesses when offering high quality solutions for our clients.


When you offer the Best Service and the Best Rates, it only makes sense to share your good fortune with others, which is why almost everyone that processes with Riverside ends up referring at least 1 friend or family member our way.


To show our appreciation for referring Riverside to your contacts, we reward your efforts with residual income for every account you send us that signs. You will enjoy the luxury of not only helping a fellow business save some money on their processing, but make money in the process. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!


  • Associations | CPAs | Website Providers
  • Chambers of Commerce | Insurance Agencies
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers| Existing Clients

It’s easy to refer to Riverside! Simply fill out a short form and a Riverside Representative will contact your referral within 24 hours of receipt!

Why Riverside?
Word of mouth is our #1 lead source and at Riverside, we greatly value the partnerships we form with our merchants. Together as a team, we can truly help business owners to become more efficient with their processing, while improving their bottom line with the significant savings they receive.

Can you think of at least five business owners you know who might benefit from our service and savings at Riverside? We provide approved marketing materials, as well as online access to view all of your referrals and track your residual income.


When you partner with Riverside Payments for your credit card processing needs, your organization has the ability to EARN MONEY for a service you already use!


Our fundraising programs benefit Associations, Booster Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Churches, Schools, Non-Profits and more. With our advance payment options, your organization can encourage larger contributions and more effectively manage donation records and accounting, while collecting a residual income for your cause!


Three Reasons to Partner with Riverside Payments:

1. We help bolster your stream of revenue daily
2. We offer Revenue Sharing and Discount Programs for referral partners/donors
3. You and your patrons can take advantage of Riverside’s lower rates and award winning service


Attract and Retain More Customers with the Best Banking Program on the Market — earning Upfront Income and Residuals when you Partner with Riverside!


It’s a proven fact that the more accounts or services customers set up at your Bank, the more likely you are to retain that banking customer long term. Riverside has the ability to offer 24 hour funding, customizable statements, online reporting tools and services, analytics, POS Systems, Mobile Processing, and more. We’ll even buy out your existing contract and switch you back if you are not 100% satisfied and we are unable to fix the issue — coupled with our Month-to-Month plans, there’s absolutely No Risk!

Riverside provides proactive customer service, and with every potential customer you send our way, that merchant can expect contact within 2-3 hours of receipt of referral, and you benefit by earning income and residuals, as well as passing along the savings Riverside ensures. It’s a Win-Win for everyone! You have the choice of selling directly to your customers or referring everything over to Riverside where we will handle everything else from then on.

Why Riverside?
When you partner with Riverside, it is a true partnership. Each Bank or Credit Union is assigned an experienced Account Executive to ensure the satisfaction of your referrals and accounts. In turn, your dedicated Account Executive works diligently to refer Merchant Services, Checking Accounts and other banking services your way. This reciprocal relationship is what sets Riverside apart from our competition, as we co-create monetary benefits that support each other’s success.

Each Bank or Credit Union receives ongoing training and support, as well as our Guarantee of Savings, so you can rest in ease that your accounts are fully satisfied or receive your money back. As The World’s Best Merchant Service Provider, we have a duty to our partners to ensure that we are offering The World’s Best Banking Program!


In today’s modern age, it is imperative to remain current with all of the latest and greatest technologies available. Through Riverside’s strategic partnerships, we work with 95% of the POS Systems on the marketplace, with access to hundreds of systems and business management applications in a variety of verticals, including Retail, Restaurant, Auto Repair, Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Accounting, Golf and Tee, and countless others.

Why Riverside?
Partnering with Riverside as your recommended processing company gives you and your POS Company ultimate flexibility and customer dependability. As your true partner, we work together to earn more business as a team. Each company is assigned your very own Account Executive with years of industry experience, who focuses on proactive acquisition of leads and referrals sent your way from business owners interested in obtaining a POS System. Working together towards common goals creates a unified success formula that, in turn, promotes enduring benefits for all!