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Guarantee of Savings

Estimated savings does not include AMEX as it sets its own fees. Other fees may apply depending on your specific account and the features you choose, including but not limited to the type of POS System, Clover, offering of Gift Cards, taxes, and Equipment insurance. Actual transaction processing costs shall be dependent on monthly sales, transaction volumes and mix of credit card type used by merchant’s customers.


Company’s Guarantee of Savings is based on the transaction sales volumes and number of transactions that Merchant provides to Company as being representative of its business. Total monthly processing fees will vary based on Merchant’s actual monthly sales, transaction volumes and mix of credit card type used. Actual monthly savings may vary based on a number of factors. Company represents only that it will save merchant money versus their current processor.


Company is not guaranteeing an actual transaction processing effective rate. Merchant represents that the fees it states it is paying through its current processor, and which are being used for savings comparison purposes, are the total charges incurred. Merchant agrees that it must process with Riverside Payments for a minimum of 60 days in order to allow Riverside to ensure savings.


At the end of the 60 day period, Merchant must review its account with the Company to ensure savings. If the Merchant is not saving money versus its prior processor, Company will have 30 days to issue Merchant a refund to ensure savings. If Company fails to complete this process and provide you savings, the Company will switch Merchant to a provider of Merchant’s choice at no charge.


Company represents that the monthly equipment share program/monthly lease charge is INCLUDED in the savings comparison and is factored into the Guarantee of Savings it is offering.