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The World's Best Merchant Service Provider

Riverside Payments offers payment solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries ranging from retail to restaurants to hotels and more. Learn more about the different types of businesses we serve by visiting our services page.



Because Modern Times call for Modern Measures, Riverside Payments is at your service with fully integrated systems that offer advanced convenience and flexibility. In addition to our standard machines, Riverside Payments offers custom retail programs to streamline sales, such as a tablet based POS system that enables customers to checkout from anywhere in the store using an iPhone, iPod or iPad.


Every restaurant has a unique aesthetic, culinary point-of-view, and custom needs for electronic payment options. Riverside Payments understands the fast paced restaurant environment and how to meet your demand with custom built programs that cater to your precise needs. With flexible tip adjustments and the convenience of Pay@Table and Order@Table options, we’ll help elevate your quality of service to new heights.


Riverside has a large array of products to help the automotive business run smoothly. We’ll create a custom program that allows you to process each credit card at the best rates, accept checks at no risk, and even offer financing for your customers. In addition, we’ll continue to educate you on the latest innovations in fraud protection to maintain optimal security.


Here at Riverside, we know how important it is to attract new customers and retain them. To help support your efforts, we offer an excellent Bank/Credit Union Partnership Program. Whether you sell directly or refer the management to us, we provide experienced industry professionals, state of the art technology, in-depth and ongoing training, proactive customer support, a dedicated support team for Bank Employees and Merchants, and multiple income potentials.


Is your business always on-the-go? Wherever you use your mobile device, tablet or wireless machine, Riverside Payments has the ideal solutions to successfully process payments and track inventory remotely. We provide audio jack swipers or Bluetooth swipers, the ability to email receipts or print them on one of our Bluetooth printers, and Cloud Based POS systems with access from any mobile device or computer.


Partnered with Authorize.net, First Data Global Gateway and eProcessing Network, Riverside Payments has the ability to customize any online presence your business desires. We offer an array of features that include Virtual Terminal, Online Gateway, Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, Automated Recurring Billing, ePN Plug-In for QuickBooks, Online BillPay, and many more.


Partnering with the majority of POS Systems used by Grocery Stores and Supermarkets, Riverside offers fast paced solutions and integrations essential to the industry. We ensure the acceptance of all major card types including EBT, Gift Cards, and Check Services.


Riverside Payments is your one-stop shop for the high-performance programs the hotel and resort industry requires to function optimally in their day-to-day operations. We understand the demand for pre-authorizations and state-of-the art Check-In and Check-Out features. With our array of processing solutions, we can accommodate multiple businesses under one roof—such as, lodging, restaurants, gift shops, boutiques, spas and beauty salons.


Riverside Payments understands the unique set of demands presented by the health and beauty sectors and offers simple solutions to help industry professionals with your processing needs. Whether you are the business owner or independent contractor leasing your station, we’ll pair you with the right program to meet your needs. We can even help you streamline payments by assigning multiple merchant IDs into one processing platform.


Here at Riverside, we provide progressive processing solutions for the booming healthcare industry, working with some of the most renowned medical and dental companies on the market. Features include: credit and debit card acceptance, recurring billing function for patients who need to make payments, large payment solutions, check guarantee, patient financing, the ability to integrate into multiple Practice Management Solutions, fully PCI Compliant and HIPPA Compliant services.


The most essential needs for QSR establishments such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, or bakeries is ensuring your processing system runs efficiently and FAST! Here at Riverside, we have the QSR applications to put your mind at ease, with options that eliminate the need for signatures, along with the ability to offer receipts by customer request. We can even provide processing through an iPhone or iPod Touch, enabling customer check out from anywhere in the restaurant or establishment to help streamline your service efforts.


Visa and MasterCard offers discounted rates to Merchants providing electricity, natural gas, water or sanitation. Our mission is to ensure that you are receiving these discounts and benefiting from the savings each month. Our highly educated staff will even complete and file the proper documentation with Visa and MasterCard for you, so you can focus on your business and we can focus on providing you with the best service and pricing available.


Riverside’s state of the art technology and phenomenal service makes us the popular Merchant Provider for gas stations. Whether you need pay at the pump, in-store processing, fleet cards, or all of the above — we have the solutions you want.

Our strategic partnerships and certifications with premier providers like Ruby, Gilbarco, and Wayne, enable us to seamlessly transition your service, while ensuring the latest models and upgrades and maintaining the capacity to process all of the major fleet cards as part of the same set up — Wright Express, Voyager, Fuelman, and Visa and MasterCard fleet cards. Our promise to you is the benefit of top rate customer service and significant savings every month — GUARANTEED!


Riverside is an industry leader when it comes to the B2B sector. More and more wholesalers and manufacturers are accepting Visa and MasterCard and Riverside makes your transition easy, while offering the best in service and savings. We have multiple different options to ensure ease of use and provide ultimate functionality, as well as the ability to process cards on all levels with Visa and MasterCard, including large ticket transactions.