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January 13, 2017
Justin with son, Luke
Justin with son, Luke


Justin came to Riverside about 3 months ago, and quickly earned respect as a dedicated and hardworking Account Executive who bypassed the learning curve to close deal after deal right out of the gate.

Long before Riverside, Justin earned a living cooking at a concession stand in a Bingo Hall, followed by a cashier’s job at Sam’s Club, where he quickly moved into a supervisory role. Though finding success in everything he set out to achieve, Justin always strived to better himself and pursue the next best thing.

Justin decided to join the army. He filled the role of Signal Specialist, troubleshooting communications systems, but his time in the army was cut short due to a medical condition, resulting in an honorable discharge. That didn’t stop Justin from redirecting his drive and ambition.

With a passion for learning, Justin enrolled in community college taking courses such as, architectural design, pharmacy technician, mathematics, and business. During this time, he worked odd jobs as a deck hand on a tug boat, IT work, scaffold building, and network marketing. Justin then earned his Associates Degree from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, and subsequently went to work packaging for a pharmaceutical company. Justin still longed for a challenge that would take him to the next level, so he went on a career search, and that’s when he found Riverside.

“I’ve always wanted to do something where my family could be proud of me and I could be proud of myself, and I felt that with Riverside. I saw Riverside as game changer. It kind of seemed too-good-to-be-true and at the same time, I was ready to step out of my comfort zone and really go for it! I was looking for an opportunity and I found a good one.

Justin attributes his immediate success with Riverside from the expert training, tools, and mentorship he’s received that support his quest for a better life, along with the WHYs that drive him, such as his wife, Alison, and their two beautiful boys, Luke Michael—2, and Taylor Joseph—1.5 months.  

“A lot of people count on me to be great including myself. I didn’t have much growing up, and I want the best for my family. Riverside provides the tools and I put in the hard work. My wife believes in me, and I believe in myself.”

A few things Justin loves about Riverside is the ability to set his own schedule, but also putting in the hard work it takes to be successful, meeting new people every day, and really enjoying the process to build a career that helps people.

In fact, his motto is:

Invest: time and money to help better himself

Learn: by engaging in books, seminars, and trainings to constantly improve

Teach: by taking what he’s learned to help as many people as he can

Perhaps the single best thing Justin loves about Riverside is that, “I’m not building someone else’s dream. I’m building something for myself.”

Oh, and there’s also this little bonus he earned of a 49” LG Smart TV, which Justin exclaimed …

“I’m so very humbled and grateful. I have put myself in a position to do great things and help businesses. Receiving the 49” TV is just an added bonus to being a part of something so big. I can honestly say that Riverside Payments is the best company, and our CEO Brandon Skinner has built something for us to be proud of, and always drives us to be better people.”

When asked where he sees himself in the future of Riverside, Justin replied…

“I’m an Account Executive, and I want to be the best I can be right now. Opportunities are going to come around and when they do, I want to take every advantage of them. I am blessed to be a part of this great company and work with these amazing people.”

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