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February 5, 2017

It became clear from the very beginning, Amie Sanders was destined for great things with Riverside Payments.

Coming from a background of cell phone sales and management for more than a decade before coming to Riverside, Amie was no stranger to the corporate world, and quickly became identified as a force to be reckoned with. Though once in school to become an EMT, Amie’s propensity for sales pulled her in another direction.

“A friend introduced me to Riverside and I immediately recognized the lucrative opportunity and wanted to be a part of it. I appreciate the advanced training I’ve received that continually supports my growth in the company.”

Within a few months’ time, Amie went from Account Executive to District Manager to National Sales Manager, aspiring to move into a Vice President position in the near future. As National Sales Manager, Amie works with a team of Account Executives to help support their success in the field, provides ongoing training, offers creative input for company growth, implements procedures and protocols, and has been instrumental in recruiting new talent and helping shape Riverside in the multi-million dollar company it is today.  

“Riverside has provided me with so many opportunities that didn’t exist before, has literally changed my life in a way that gives me financial freedom. It’s a fun and positive work environment with wonderful people filling every position from our CEO, CFO and VP of Sales, to Marketing, Customer Service, Tech Support, and our amazing Account Executives. From the time I started, it just felt like family.

To new reps starting with Riverside, Amie has this advice…

“The biggest thing is getting out there and know you’re going to make great money, but you also need to be confident, be able to handle the nos, and put in the time it takes to build a pipeline, break down the barriers and get to the yesses. Trust me when I say, It’s all worth it!”

 Amie with her children Samiya, 8 & Ethan, 10 






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