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February 14, 2017

A native Texan before growing up in Tacoma Washington, Adam Harden has quickly climbed the corporate ladder of success here at Riverside Payments.

Before Riverside, Adam held the position of Department Manager at Fred Meyer for 9 years—working every holiday, every weekend, and every Black Friday with little quality time to spend with loved ones. Shortly after his move to Riverside, Adam realized a vast difference in working for a company that was holding him back, versus one that fosters growth opportunities, allows for rapid advancement, rewards its people with well-earned promotions, and provides the means to create a viable living.

Riverside has helped create more avenues for professional, personal, and financial growth with the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the U.S. I have more time to spend with my family and the people I love with a consistent schedule that frees up my weekends and holidays.”

As one of the first new hires from the inception of Riverside in 2014, Adam quickly moved into his current role as National Sales Manager where he manages a team of reps across the country, inspiring them to dream bigger, and set goals that push them past comfort zones to realize their full potential both personally and professionally.

“Riverside has invested in me and it’s paid off. I owe it to my reps to give back and provide them with the same opportunities, while advancing my own career.”

When asked what he loves most about Riverside, Adam had this to say…

“I love the people, the environment, strengthening my ability, talking to business owners, hearing ‘No’ and pushing past it, knowing that by the time I get off the phone, they’ll be in a better financial situation. I love the team vision, the speed at which we’re moving, always something more, something stronger, something bigger to grow into—and not a lot of industries can say that about what they do.”

With his sites on a future VP position, Adam loves the idea of travelling the U.S. to provide ongoing training opportunities for reps and district managers, as well as fielding opportunities for new recruits.

A former competitive body builder, Adam is a health and lifestyle enthusiast, an at home chef, avid music lover frequenting festivals, and President of an accountability group that meets weekly where he utilizes his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Pacific Lutheran University in a capacity as Life Coach. A lifelong learner, Adam is currently studying Spanish and Indonesian and places high value on exploring other cultures, languages, and travelling the world.

“At Riverside, I have the opportunity to travel and network without the restriction of borders. I’ve met a lot of great people and made beautiful friendships.”

Adams leaves new reps with this advice…

“As scary as sales can be, if you’re more ruled by the success you want to be, rather than by your fear, you’re destined to be successful. Money is a great motivator and there is plenty to go around. The sky’s NOT the limit. Your mind is.”

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