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April 1, 2017
Jason Reese, Andrew Asato and Brandon Skinner
Jason Reese, Andrew Asato and Brandon Skinner

Riverside Payments congratulates Brandon Skinner for his recent appointment on the Board of Directors for Susan G. Komen (SGK) of Oregon and SW Washington.

SGK CEO, Andrew Asato, suggested Skinner apply for a board seat during a lunch meeting earlier this year, and Skinner was grateful for the opportunity. After satisfying the application process and board vote, Skinner was selected to fill the seat.


“It is my honor and pleasure to serve on the board where I can give back to the communities where I grew up, offering my support and leadership to a cause that I have adopted as my own.”

Skinner first met Asato when he and partner, Jason Reese, presented SGK with a check for nearly $3000 from Riverside’s fundraising efforts.

“Andrew loved the energy surrounding the event and the unique way we brought attention to the cause through the video we made that went viral. He was excited to be a part of it.”

Skinner’s interest in supporting cancer related non-profits stem from witnessing the devastating toll cancer took on his grandfather. As a result, he started supporting men’s health issues. Recognizing that 50% of Skinner’s employees are women, it became clear that supporting women’s causes was equally important.

“I chose to support Susan G. Komen and dedicate a portion of every sale to this great cause, as well as leading annual fundraising efforts and creative awareness initiatives.”

A big part of what Skinner does is to provide daily motivation for his staff by posting self-made inspirational videos, hosting daily conference calls, and connecting our Riverside family through group chats that encourage their ongoing success.

“I love motivating and empowering people through whatever struggles they might be experiencing, be it financial, work, home or health, providing valuable tools to make a difference in their lives every step of the way.” 

Skinner’s sales and marketing background lends itself well for fundraising and social media campaigns to help improve outreach. Last October, Riverside created a viral video for Breast Cancer Awareness, which serves as a great example of a current and popular trend that inspired massive outreach with approximately 100k views using the free outlet of social media.

“I built my 2nd multi-million dollar corporation from the ground up in a just few short years out of sheer determination, hard work, setting my goals high and reaching even higher to exceed those goals. That is the same energy, drive, and work ethic I’ll bring to this position.”

Skinner is a get-it-done NOW kind of man who leads by example, and believes that all things are possible when you set clear intentions followed by decisive actions and is excited to bring a new energy to the Board of Directors for Susan G. Komen.

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