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February 26, 2017

This past Saturday, Riverside Payments participated in the 2017 Polar Plunge at Broughton Beach on Marine Drive in Portland, Oregon.

The event benefited Special Olympics of Oregon (SOOR), and Riverside Hammerheads proudly raised and contributed over $900 to the cause!!!

We met at The Sextant Bar & Galley for some pre-event festivities before walking over to the beach on the Columbia River where we geared up in our Hammerhead Shark suits for this year's Plunge.

The outside temperature was approximately 35 degrees and as Amie Sanders so aptly put it, the water was like "ice cubes." Those supporting the cause and braving the freezing water included Brandon Skinner, Jason Reese, Jeremy Shroyer, Jared Crouch, Amie Sanders, Adam Harden, Dan Riddle, Jeff Hill, Brian Alexander, Cyndee Mady, Allan Kor, Tiffany Vanderhey, Samantha West, Jessi LaMain, Dee Anna Hentz, Kim Evins, Devin McNew, Christine Davenport, Mike Peacock, and Erica Diaz.

While some barely dipped in a toe and others dove in head first, an exhilarating time was had by all, as we were happy to support the deserving athletes of SOOR. 

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