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July 21, 2017
Jeremy & Amie at July MOM
Jeremy & Amie at July MOM

The month of July took us all the way to the South Pacific ... Cafe and Lounge that is in Battle Ground. WA, for Riverside's Merchant of the Month Mixer where we met up with proprietor, Matthew Seise, and our good friend, Andy Preinesberger.

Our amazing bartender, Liz, was pouring up a storm, the special of the night ... a "SHARK BITE." We couldn't have asked for a better turnout, and as the night went on, it was standing room only in the bar.

Andy set us up with extended happy hour where some chose Coco Prawns with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, Cajun Tots with Fondue Sauce, and Pulled Pork Island Sliders. While others enjoyed selections from the dinner menu including Jager Prawns, a house favorite, with several partaking in the pizza.



Dollar For Portland was in the house stirring up tons of fun with our Free Raffle, sponsored by Riverside and South Pacific, where we spread awareness about the charity, procured donations, and gave away $25 Gift Cards to South Pacific and some very cool hats. The patrons were more amped up during the raffle than we'd ever seen before and just about every table won, some twice!


Congratulations, South Pacific, for being our valued July Merchant of the Month!!!


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