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Gurtner Annihilates March Madness 2017

April 17, 2017

And then there was ONE…

March Madness began 6 weeks ago with 62 reps competing in a head-to-head competition for the top spot. In the end, only one person could claim the win, and that honor most deservedly goes to…

National Champion March Madness 2017


Justin attributes his win to mindset, consistency, and keeping his eye on the prize. “Some days weren’t so great, but that didn’t stop me from pushing forward even harder the next day and bringing my “A” game.”

To his competitors along the way Justin stated, “It was an honor to be in the competition with each and every one of you. Everyone had the potential to win.”

Justin’s philosophy is grounded on the principal that he doesn’t concern himself with what other people are doing, but rather competes with his own personal best to continually improve performance and set personal records. Justin brought in over $2500 in leasing during the course of the competition to beat his opponents one-by-one and earn the top spot.

“The deals that I signed are me going after it, but I definitely appreciate all the support and encouragement from Jeremy, the NSMs, and customer service. I’d also like to give a special shout out to Brandon and Jason for the opportunity.”

Congratulations go out to all the 2017 March Madness Winners…

1st Place $1000 Prize: Justin Gurtner

2nd Place $500 Prize: Nick Wagner

3rd Place $200 Prize: Kyle Meyer

So, how will Justin spend his prize money?

“I will definitely use some to take care of my wife and 2 boys! We are all in this together, so I’m thinking a mini vacation. They are my biggest whys and spending more time with them is always important.”

Justin Gurtner now takes his place among the elite March Madness winners, joining past winners Tatum Shneidmiller, 2016, and Cyndee Mady, 2015.

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