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“LO LO LO” Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

December 15, 2016


Our rates are currently at an all time LOW!

Did you know that NOW is the best time to make a switch from your current processor? We know you’re busy, as are we, but I’m about to tell you 3 reasons it makes sense to switch before the New Year.


  • It’s our fiscal year end and we have tons of incentives and specials going on. You could qualify for a FREE iPad or incredible signing bonuses. We have our quotas to meet and we’re nearly there, just one final push for 2016, which means YOU reap the benefits!


  • Along with presents from Santa, the holidays deliver the highest incidents of FRAUD! Riverside has your back! We’ll get you to the highest level of security with all the major card brands to not only protect you from credit card fraud, but get those rates lowered down and saving you money with every transaction, because the lower the risk, the lower the rate.


  • Ring in the New Year with old rates! Just like the mortgage industry, Visa / MC do their annual rate adjustments at the end of the year, so we can’t guarantee the rates will be the same come January 1st, but we can guarantee to lock in those lower rates for you today and get you a significant tax write off using the business equipment code 179.


“But I’m just too busy with all the shopping and decorating and cooking and baking…”


Guess what?


We’re going to do all the legwork for you, so you can focus on your business and holiday activities, while we create a smooth transition with no downtime. We’re going to lock you in at the lowest rates, get you up to that highest level of security, and not only that—you’re going to get a nice tax break. You’ll be on your way to saving money this season and throughout the New Year!!!


Contact Us today to take advantage of these offers…and from our Riverside family to yours—we wish you a very Merry Holiday Season!

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